PAT Testing

PAT Testing

 Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

 From 99p per item

All electrical systems and equipment should be maintained and inspected regularly under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, The Electricity at Work Regulations 1990, The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and The Provisions and Use Of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

The guidance for frequencies depends on the environment and usage but as a guide states: 

Handheld equipment : 6 Monthly
Portable/movable equipment: 12 Monthly
Fixed equipment: 24 Monthly 

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Susan Woff

Really interesting and enjoyable.

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The best trainer we have had by far!

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The best trainer we've ever had.

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Best trainer we have had.

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Excellent course, well presented & very professional.

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Best CPR training very clear and made fun.

Emily Morris

Fantastic as always. Really great to assess our working environment and seating positions.

Mary McCrae

We love you.


Andrew McCrae

Very comprehensive COSHH run through.


Emily Morris

Always so helpful to help improve how the practice runs and make us more compliant.


Alison Grant

Excellent course


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Made dosages easier to remember, thanks


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Enjoyable & informative, very engaging.


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Made it enjoyable and makes sure we understand everything


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Thank you - very clear and informative.


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Entertaining speaker, educational content and very good.


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Good delivery. Gave main points well.


Muneeb Shahzad

The course was really informative and helped to understand information given.


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Excellent trainer!


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Very thorough training well presented.


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Amazing trainer. Very good at explaining everything


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Excellent, very good


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Very good, entertaining and I learnt a lot


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Very pleased with service


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Very informative and learnt a lot from this course


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Far more informative and engaging than other courses I've done before. Thank you for keeping it entertaining. It was great.


David Griffiths

FAB. Great explanations.


Simon Hughes

New to Allport Dental. Excellent presentation and good information presented very well.


Chloe Eccleston

Thank you. I had no knowledge about CPR previous to this course and now i feel confident.   


Paula Hulme

Really helpful and explained well. course made really interesting.


Lindsay Blackwood

Was shown new ways to do CPR and covered more info than on other courses.


Louise Reay

Very good course, clear explanations, Thanks


Laura Gamble

Very well presented and explained, time for questions and loads of information thanks.


Amy Lucas

Very well explained, made interesting enjoyed the course!


Joan McCrae

Medical Emergencies, many points covered were new to me.


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The information was concise and well delivered, easy to understand.


Caroline Brand

No improvement necessary!